The delightful moment of pleasure in enjoying an ice cream hides behind it a delicate balance of ingredients. Ice cream cookies are highly specialized products.
Smoothness, friability and taste are characteristics that the Break&GO ice cream cookies acquire during processing.
The Know-How allows the company to produce well-structured ice cream biscuits: a tasty combination of goodness and fragrance that allows our partners to create great-tasting ice products.
The shape of the biscuit meets the criteria of adaptability to silicone molds and production lines.



Biscuit grains, meringue, coated cereals, caramelized and many other products for the confectionery industry: Break&GO creates many types of decorations.
The granulometry and organoleptic properties of Salpa decorations adapt to market needs and there are no limitations in terms of size, taste, shape and color.



In this section you will find shapes and molds ideal for creating fast, delicious and perfect ice creams.
You can give a unique and elegant shape to your creativity with multiform silicone molds for any type of ice cream.
All silicone molds are non-stick, durable, space-saving, dishwasher safe, resistant to the highest and lowest temperatures (from -60 ° C up to + 230 ° C) and suitable for both oven and microwave cooking. and for use in the freezer.
Thousands of possibilities for your unlimited creativity.