Break&GO is a trademark of SALPA

Salpa Special Food is an Italian confectionery industry world leader, for over 80 years, in the production of ice cream biscuits, and has then expanded its business to the production of breadcrumbs, gluten free products, chocolate coatings for the ice cream and yogurt industry and micronized heat-treated flours intended for food and cosmetic use. In 2007 the Cherubini industries opened up to the gluten free sector and began producing gluten-free biscuits for breakfast under private label. Given the explosion of this sector, in 2014 the company decided to launch two new proprietary brands, Kèlinea and Naturaline, with the desire to offer consumers products that can combine health, safety and delicacy.

The production plants cover an area of over 24,000 square meters covered on an area of 72,000 square meters and are equipped with highly technological innovative systems and safety and control systems, which trace the various stages of the production chain. The company policy that has accompanied the company for years is above all that of a continuous search for new products. The high technology of the systems combined with the entire automation of the lines allows maximum hygiene of the product, which is always subjected to continuous checks during the processing phase.

Continuous development in the creation of innovative products, progressive diversification, high quality standards and research into the creation of a constant network of distributors in the Italian territory, make Break&GO a dynamic and successful project for the confectionery sector that looks to the future and wants to offer its customers exciting products in taste and presentation.